Hi, I am a hobby artist from the outer parts of London.  Although a lot of my work on this blog will be of the same subject matter, I will also be putting helpful tips out there that although amateur, could help many artists.

My blog name is a loving nod to my little budgie, Bailey. My first parrot (the picture above), he was a baby parent reared bird, never fully tamed but still a great friend, sadly he passed away but he continues to inspire my art everyday.

As a person with mild Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), I have never really pursued many typical hobbies and have had to carve out my own identity over the years through my various `likes’.  My art work reflects these interests and I would like to share them with you in the hopes that you can also be inspired by these beautiful creatures.

How did I start out?  As a young child I spent time sketching and colouring the eeveelutions in Crayola colouring pencils.  Then I got out of copying other peoples artwork and started to create my own – producing many line art dragons.  Nowadays I step completely away from fantasy and stick to real life inspirations: drawing and colouring Parrots in artist grade colouring pencils, working from my own photos.

What would I like to achieve?  My art style is realism, I would like to further my skills in this area and be able to produce a background setting for my portraits of equal quality as the main image.  This is something I want to really get to grips with this year.  Any tips from you will be welcomed.  The artists that inspire me include my Step mum with her detailed acrylic animal paintings and the famous artist Edward Lear with his ultra detailed watercolour birds.