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The cat and the sugar mouse

The other day I created an art piece on a red tabby British shorthair cat stealing a sugar mouse from an old sweet shop. This meant something to me in particular, as I have always loved cats and sweet shops (still have a sweet tooth or what my parents say, looking for a sugar rush, today). My favourite sweet of all time was the sugar mouse  : a boiled fondant sweet in the shape of a mouse with an added string tail.

It seemed only logical that one day I should do an art piece on a cat ‘catching’ a sugar mouse. This idea sat around for ages on my hypothetical to do list and went through many variations : from fantasy coloured Siamese chasing living ones in a witches shop to random pets with a confectionary mouse ‘caught’. Finally I decided on this composition.

The Cat and the sugarmouse

This picture I am happy to have done. I have successfully portrayed the loving breed and colour (I was going from a picture of a champion cats coat, so it is more vibrant). I think the colours on the page do not compliment each other well though. I found the cat’s colour very difficult as the fine liner bled into the picture leaving it greyed so I had to scratch the paper to start again. If I was to do it again I would do the fine liner last.

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Maine coon art style challenge

Previously this month, I created a lovebird art style challenge. For those of you who haven’t seen that post or doesn’t  know what an art style challenge is, it is a challenge where you draw a character in your style and a few other people’s styles. I decided to do it one more time but on a breed of cat called a Maine coon.

The Maine coon is the largest domestic cat and ironically one of the easiest first time cats and friendliest around. She is a land race cat of Maine, USA and supposedly came about when cats brought over by boat previously belonging to Marie Antoinette, were shipped over to America to escape her execution. She was executed but her cats reached America and bred with the feral population to create it. There are many people who believe this and many who don’t but it’s still better than the myth who says they are half cat, half raccoon! I love this breed and I am hoping to get one in five years when I move, or potentially their hypoallergenic relative, the Siberian forest cat.


maine coon art style challenge.jpg

In order from left to right the styles are: Tim Burton, Five nights at Freddy’s (slightly fuzzier due to longer hair), realistic (my style), Tom and Jerry and Disney.

Overall I am happy with the colour pattern, Calico (aka. tortoiseshell and white), being quite accurate and their designs fitting the styles.  I could improve on the shading of the fur. If I was to do it again I would make sure the line art is more smooth and single.


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Lovebird art style challenge

There is an art challenge going around where you take your own style and character or animal and turn it into what another company’s , brand’s or someone else’s art style is. The common rule is you need your own style in there and that they are all the same character and colour.

In my picture I have done eight styles. The middle is from Five nights at Freddy’s, bottom is my own style (realistic), top left is Tim Burton, top right is angry birds, middle left is Disney, middle right is Looney Tunes, bottom left is Cuphead and the bottom right is from Bendy and the ink machine. I have done my character as a standard coloured rosy faced lovebird and named her Willow, my favourite name.


lovebird art style challenege.jpg

I am happy with how I accurately depicted each style and colour. I am unhappy with how some of the line work is. If I was to do it again I would be more careful with the outline and make my style more central.

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Budgie made of pebbles and shells

Last week my family and I went on holiday to Cornwall for four nights. With the promise of another budgeting after the holiday, I was all hyped up to do some artwork.

Our second day we went to a beach with an abundance of pebbles and shells. Remembering art of seaglass online, I thought i’d try it with broken shells and pebbles.

The result is this, I am happy with how it turned out and the detail on the wings. But if I was to do it again, I would draw lines for the markings on the head and draw a perch or branch.



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Realistic Sapphire from Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is a Japanese mobile game in which the aim is to collect multiple cats using food and items put outside your home. Some of these cats classify as rare cats and only appear with a certain item or two. Sapphire is a rare cat that appears with the fairy tale parasol or the tower of treats. She is always shown with her supposed butler Jeeves but he has been left out of this drawing.

Sapphire is my favourite Neko Atsume cat and is of one of my favourite cat breeds the classic Siamese. So naturally I just had to try and do a realistic drawing of her.  I have been into cats for a while now but have not had much inspiration for art for a while until yesterday.

The pencils I used were Fabercastell Polychromos and Derwent studio coloured pencils.

sapphire from neko atsume

Unfortunately the pencil lines are either washed out or too sharp in this picture and the colours dulling out due to scanning. But overall I am happy with the detail I put in the face and the mostly realistic feel. If i was to do this again I would have made her paws and tail smoother and clearer and used a darker pencil so it would scan better.

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Budgie in paradise

Before January this year, I had a Budgie named Bailey.  He was drawn before in one of my old posts and is the inspiration for my account’s name. He was very important to me even though he was average in many ways and it devastated me when he died this January.

The art piece below is inspired on Bailey being in some sort of paradise setting, possibly the infamous “rainbow bridge” but without the bridge.

The art piece itself is based on the background of a real photograph I found on Pinterest and is just simplified down, the budgie is based on my old pet but with a gender swap.

Budgie in paradise.jpg

Overall I was very happy with the end result as it included a wide range of bright vivid colours and the bird was drawn quite accurately. If I was to do the piece again I would mess around with the barring on his most predominant wing as it looks to be too small and numerous compared to real bird feathers.

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Sylveon as a rabbit

I have mentioned before how I loved Pokemon, my favourites being the eeveelutions.  My favourite eeveelution: Sylveon.

The eeveelutions have always been a mixture of different animals, most notably foxes, cats, dogs and rabbits. The most common realistic protrayal being foxes, then cats and rarely dogs. But few see the eeveelutions as rabbits due to their long legs. But then again they don’t have long muzzles and their only fox feature is the tail on Eevee. I however, have always seen Sylveon as a better rabbit than cat or fox.

This is why I attempted to draw a realistic sylveon rabbit in coloured pencil.

sylveon rabbit.png

I used the base of a old English rabbit and turned the feelers into fur. It didn’t look that great as I’m not that great at shading white fur yet. I did not like the picture that much.

sylveon rabbit 2.png

I attempted another Sylveon rabbit the other day. I tried a more cutesy rabbit from a picture of a cream bunny in a field of daffodils. I replaced the colour to Sylveon’s colour pallette and added the fur ribbons. I changed the daffodils to gracidea, a flower from the Pokemon universe. I achieved the grass by doing the light blades of grass first in Sap green then weaving in and out of it with veridian green for the shadow. Things to be improved include: making the grass shadow all one shade and the bunny looking less cartoony.

Overall, I love the second attempt more.